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We offer the solutions your business needs for IoT success in the market

Safe4 Security Group is an international smart technology corporation, building on its expertise from the security industry. We facilitate the creation of revenue businesses in compliance with the IoT industry.

Safe4 is a supplier of security and IoT solutions for medium and large companies, both in Scandinavia and internationally. We operate within industries like Telecom, Energy, Safety, Broadband/Cabel-TV, IoT, Rental and Insurance, in addition to local security providers.

We offer solutions that combine traditional and innovative new services for white label customers:

Divisions of Safe4

Safe4 markets its products under the Onesti Products brand. Onesti Products is a division of Safe4 Security Group. Furthermore, our IoT platform is marketed as Iotiliti.

We believe in the willingness to share ideas

Safe4’s business model reflects that we strongly believe that the greatest victories come from working together with our partners. Therefore, we partner with market leaders with edge technology and offer a wide range of advanced IoT solutions and services.

We applaud enthusiasm and the willingness to share ideas and knowledge. Safe4 also believes that entering strategic partnerships offers valuable add-ons to our mutual businesses.


We believe in freedom to choose

Safe4 provides you with the freedom to decide which devices you prefer for your IoT solution, in addition to the HomeGate AiO (All-in-One).

We let you decide on the right technological platform for your business. Our HomeGate AiO is platform independent. It has great communication capabilities and can be tailored to almost any modern and open platform.

We provide secure and scalable Home IoT Solutions as White Label and Go-to-Market Ready.

Our solutions are ideal for retailers, distributors and service-providers who target the individual home, such as Telecom, Cable, Real-Estate, Utility, Insurance, Security and Care.

A full ecosystem of IoT in a Recurring Revenue Model – at cost. Learn to know our industrialized product line for IoT and Security in Private Households, Real-Estate and SMB.

With security in our DNA, we operate to make your customers and family feel safe.

History of Safe4

April 2018

Safe4 Sweden AB

Establishes a Swedish subsidiary in Stockholm and also enters into a strategic partnership with the Swedish security wholesaler, Copiax.
April 2018
November 2015

Safe4 Denmark AS

Safe4 establishes a subsidiary company in Denmark, Safe4 Denmark AS.
November 2015
February 2014

Safe4 Risk Solutions AS

Management from G4S Risk Solution Department in Norway joins forces with Safe4 Security Group and becomes a subsidiary company offering consultancy services.
February 2014
October 2013

The Creation of Safe4 Security Group AS

Safe4 has its origin in G4S Secure Solutions AS activities in Norway.

Chosen individuals from the G4S management team in addition to selected operating staff and the IT department formed the foundation of Safe4.

Safe4 Security Group AS enters a «Management buy-out» solution for the Project department and the IT and Digital Security departments of former G4S in connection with the sale of the G4S in Norway to NOKAS in the winter of 2013.

In addition to this, an acquisition of the G4S Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) in Oslo was also agreed upon. During the spring of 2014 Safe4 built up a similar environment, with technology familiar to the ARC personnel from many years back.

October 2013

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Have questions? Want to see a demo? Or wonder how can our solutions work for you? We are here to answer all your questions.

Get in touch!

Have questions? Want to see a demo? Or wonder how can our solutions work for you? We are here to answer all your questions.