8 May 2017


IoT Gateway for smart livingA representative number of homeowners in the Oslo area are invited to participate in a pilot project on onesti Smart Living Solutions. Safe4 is eager to get first-hand feedback from consumers on keyless digital access to the homes in combination with our residential alarm solution where our unique HomeGate plays a central part. Via the onesti App the customer has full control of who comes and goes in his home and what detectors and components are activated. The consumer receives notifications on his mobile phone.

This autum, the same homeowners will also be introduced to our company's Smart Living Services. We would like to receive feedback on consumers’ experiences with "over-the-doorstep deliveries" to private homes.
Service providers have a unique access code to each home. Safe4's FG approved Alarm Receiving Centre monitors the deliveries from the various service providers (handy-man, laundry services, dry cleaner and shirt laundry, supplies, etc..
The pilot project will provide us with first-hand knowledge and user experiences concerning our fully integrated solutions with digital doorlock from ASSA Abloy (Yale Doorman), our IoT platform and our HomeGate.

In addition, we receive feedback on their experience of the services and their input on what consumers would like included in our future Smart Living Services.
Also, we will continuously request feedback from this user group testing out new products and services. We believe this will be of great value to our customers who are planning to go to the market with fully integrated and secure solutions for security solutions, smart home solutions and care- and healthcare solutions.