Safe4's Alarm Receiving Centre and IoT CentralB2B SERVICES

Alarm Receiving Services for Businesses

Safe4 assists its partners whether they should upgrade their client's alarm system or install a new alarm solution. In partnership with Safe4's reputable suppliers and installation partners, the best solution for the customer's business is designed.

Safe4's IoT Central, our Alarm Receiving Centre, is nationwide and neutral, and co-operates with security and installation companies across countries and borders. The central is certified by FG (Forsikringsselskapenes Godkjennelsesnevnd) in Norway and the Swedish SBSC (Svenska Brand & Säkerhetscertifiering AB).

Safe4's solutions are cost efficient and the company's alarm operators monitor businesses, people and valuables around the clock, 365 days a year. Safe4 receives alarm signals and is in the forefront of technological developments.

Customers can choose the way in which the ARC will respond to alarms through pre-approved agreements and instructions.

Safe4's IoT Central has long experience and our professional operators are subject to confidentiality agreements and have security clearances according to Norwegian and international regulations.

Alarm operators have leading operator expertise, assisting clients with advice and support.

Under the following tabs and in the dropdown menu under IoT Central, other products and services to businesses are described.

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