Alarm and camera solutions from Safe4 and its partners, ensure high security 24/7/365.
Safe4's IoT Central has modern technological solutions for receiving, storing and processing of video signals.

Our IoT Central, a certified Alarm Receing Centre,  monitors building's exterior and interior. The operators can i.e. remotely control the cameras, open the unmanned doors/gates and turn lights on and off. In addition, Safe4 offers solutions where the alarm operator performs electronic (remote) inspection of areas / premises after set intervals or as random inspections, which necessarily makes it difficult to be an intruder. If an alarm is set off, the operator can view live video and in addition retrieve films from the time before the alarm was set off. Thus, the incident is documented with video and the operator is able to analyze the situation.

Cloud Based Storage
Safe4 utilizes cloud solutions from reputable camera suppliers like Bosch. The cloud-based storage solution reduces customer investments and increase security due to the fact that storage does not occur at the customer's site. The solution enables linking services from the IoT central directly to the camera without an internal server.

Intelligent Video Analysis
By using Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA), the camera will trigger an alarm on predefined events and objects. If an alarm is set off, the operator will see video in the present and in addition retrieve video from the time before the alarm was set off. Thus, the incident will be documented and the operator is able to analyze the situation. The operators follow established procedures tailored to the customer site, and act according to these when the alarm is set off..

Intelligent technical and manual supervision minimizes false alarms significantly, which in turn reduces the number of errors call-outs and thereby cost.

Safe4's  IoT Central and certified Alarm Receing Centre, has vast experience and our professional operators are subject to confidentiality agreements and have security clearances according to Norwegian and international regulations.
Alarm operators have leading operator skills and are trained in camera handling and situation analysis.

Benefits of monitoring
- Cheaper than using guards
- Preventive effect
- Alerts burglary/robbery 
- Enables remote access 
- Fear factor for criminals 
- Prevents increased injury rates (burglary, water damage, fire damage)
- Provides increased safety for people
- Facilitates evidence 

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