Safe4 provides tracking services and safety app's so that people can feel safe when they work alone or are traveling.

A Safe4 personal alarm combines advanced GPS transmitters with two-way communication. This gives the operator at the Safe4 IoT Central (a certified Alarm Receiving Centre) full overview of the situation the person is in, enabling the security operator to provide quick and accurate response to various alarms. Technology from Safe4 is currently used within welfare, by people working alone and as personal security alarms.

The technology allows Geofencing (electronic "fence" around a defined area) and positioning. Safe4 are careful in protecting the Privacy of individuals and follow the guidelines from national Regulatory authorities in such matters. Using a Safe4 personal alarm, the GPS position of people, animals and vehicles can easily be tracked if they get lost or stolen.

Medical / emergency alarm
People who feel unsafe and / or do not have an optimal state of health, may request that their movements be monitored by the IoT Central. If an event occurs e.g. if a patient has a fall, the alarm will alert the IoT Central operator who can call up the person to find out if help is needed. If the operator does not achieve establishing a dialogue, a guard, healthcare or other emergency services, will be asked to give assistant depending on the patient's situation.

Tracking services is of great help for patients with Alzheimer's, their families or institutions. Safe4 are careful to protect the privacy of each individual and follows the guidelines of the national Regulatory authorities granted to such users.

Safety alarm for people who work alone
People working alone or on business travel in dangerous areas will greatly benefit from Safe4's app's.

Safety alarm connected residential alarm
Emergency/remote controls may be added to Residential Alarms. The IoT Central prioritizes emergency alarms.