Sensors and Their Role in the IoT Ecosystem

A sensor is always the most important object in the IoT value chain. You can gather loads of information from the Web but only a sensor can give you real-time data.

In the human body there are millions of sensors adding up to the “7 senses”. Nerves are like transmission links and the IoT and analytics platform is in some ways equal to the human brain.

When a sensor has more than one job to do or several sensors are put in the same housing, it’s called a Multi Sensor. If one or more sensors is put into a box with mechanics, hardware and software, it’s called a Device.

Sensors Can Have Thousands of Individual Jobs to Fulfill Within a Process
Our IoT platform plays an important role in your smart solution.

Our sensors are carefully selected, tested and whitelisted. We partner with leading manufacturers to provide sensors matching your user-cases at cost.

Connecting the sensors to our HomeGate AiO, you get smart solutions and become a part of the Safe4 IoT Ecosystem.

Home sensors are often called “Smart” due to the sophisticated processing going on in the microchip and algorithms within the device. A microchip for global object tracking handling GPS coordinates, temperature, accelerometer (vibration), wireless radio transmission and security encryption is not more than 4×4 mm in size.

The Sensor is only the analogue tip of a measuring device, very much like the sensors of your body; eyes, ears, skin. For example, at the tip of a water sensor, there may be an analogue object sensing water or the distance to the water, often using ultrasound. Then, the analogue data is digitalized by a microchip into binary bits and bytes like data sent to your brain. We send it to our Iotiliti IoT platform which does the brainwork.

Check out our Onesti website to see all our sensors and their details.

Water Level Control

A water sensor placed by a river can sit there for 10 years or as long battery last, then suddenly, at the right water level, it will send a message to a gateway.

The gateway forwards the sensor ID (no level) to the IoT platform which will know that if this particular sensor sends a signal, the water level has dangerously reached 3 metres.

When 100 sensors in the river send similar messages, the IoT platform will know that by 5 or more signals, all data will be forwarded to analytics.

This is when smart algorithms start to calculate, and an alert is sent to the authorities, often also to an ARC (Alarm Receiving Center) triggering real action and disaster management according to escalation plans. The workers at the river will be alerted.

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Have questions? Want to see a demo? Or wonder how can our solutions work for you? We are here to answer all your questions.

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Have questions? Want to see a demo? Or wonder how can our solutions work for you? We are here to answer all your questions.