Smart Access Management As a Component for Your IoT Ecosystem

Making In-Home Delivery and In-Home Healthcare a Manageable Reality

Our Keyfree solution enables building owners to grant access to main doors, apartments and common areas in case of emergency, grant service personnel like plumbers and electricians access or onboard new tenants without even being present.

With Keyfree there is no need for keys. With a digital doorlock, families and building owners can grant digital access codes to family members, visitors and tenants. By connecting the digital doorlock to the home alarm system, the access becomes even smarter.

Making Digital Locks Even Smarter

Full control of your most precious asset – your home.

We support major digital door-lock suppliers and can offer a solution where a digital door-lock is part of the Home Alarm Solution. Connect the digital door-lock to our HomeGate AiO to get smart features like:

The Safe4 AMS – Access Management System is a digital ecosystem across locks and access-technology to give freedom to enter an area or premises independent of application, hardware and software. It is the “Key System” at the Access Point in Home Services like In-Home Health and In-Home Delivery as the administrative tool for access along the IoT value-chain from devices to analytics including Building and Property Management.

The AMS will enable corporations to transform their business from a Static to a Recurring Revenue model. Lock Management and Access Hierarchy can be transformed to a modern In-Home ecosystem.

Private home and property owners can enable Smart Access for family, relatives and personnel, supplying services like In-Home Delivery and Healthcare. It enables easy management of Access Zones and admission to common areas like basement, washery, storage and parking facilities.

Rental brokers can organize secure access for tenants and temporary maintenance personnel. The owner of the premises can grant the necessary access to any individual by logically grouping areas to Access Zones and Access Points to main entrances and common areas. The Access Management Platform supports most lock systems like EasyAccess, Yale Doorman, Danalock as well as most electric strike locks or dead bolts, mechanical turnstiles, or by API’s to 3rd party access control systems.

The Keyfree access management system gives the tenant or flat owner full control of their home from anywhere around the globe. When placed centrally in the flat, the HomeGate AiO will communicate with the digital door-locks and pass alerts on to the end-user’s app. This top-level app is the user interface for any admission by In-Home Services or for your home security that monitors things like the status of your fridge, water leaks in the basement or switching off the espresso machine during travels.

Homeowners can let the tenants of services like Airbnb in. No more problems with lost keys!

Homeowners can grant access codes (permanently or temporarely) to others and receive alerts when the code is in use.

Parents will know when the kids come home from school. Each family member has a unique code.

Homeowners can receive In-Home-Delivery services over the threshold and in a safe and secure environment monitored by Safe4 ARC.

Delivery Zones can be digitally set, almost like an “invisible fence”, to monitor the delivery of packages while still allowing movements from the family cat or dog.

We Do Not Compromise
on Security

The digital door-locks are integrated with the Smart Home or Building Security Systems with alerts to the Safe4 certified ARC. According to SLA and escalation plans, we take care of your worries. You can program the door-lock to interact with the alarm system so that the alarm will be turned off when the right door-code is entered.

In case of intrusion, the homeowner and the Alarm Receiving Centre receive alerts.

The ARC will take action according to escalation plans by i.e. contacting the police or sending a private guard service.
If the homeowner is not available, the Safe4 ARC takes over.
Functionality enables remotely securing and checking the digital main door-lock. In case of any worry or disaster, the ARC will act.

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Have questions? Want to see a demo? Or wonder how can our solutions work for you? We are here to answer all your questions.