Securely Connect, Manage and Analyze IoT Data with Our IoT Platform Iotiliti

Iotiliti offers a secure IoT and Device Management Platform. It provides full end-to-end server solutions and is a division of Safe4 Security Group AS.

Iotiliti enables a layer of professional services on top of a Smart Connected Home Ecosystem. Delivering safe solutions is our specialty. We tailor professional business solutions and offer service providers tools to handle and protect customers’ data and privacy under international governance (i.e. GDPR).

You can easily interface the HomeGate AiO, or many other gateways, to our Iotiliti platform. Scalability, traceability, security and independence in operation is key for your professional white-labeled IoT solution.

We are a neutral player in the world of Internet of Things. We provide security while guarding you and your customers’ Big Data.

The idea behind IoT is to make better calculations and predictions by combining a number of data sources with sensor data. This may be “Mass – Sensor – Data Collection” where information from thousands of sources enable an exponentially more reliable calculation. Through this we leave the old traditional “M2M – Machine to Machine Communication” with one or few sensors per process.

Our IoT platform is divided into 3 categories that form a total ecosystem in the cloud or on-prem, controlled from one single App or Portal.

Through experience we have learned that In-Home IoT is quite complicated and needs more security at all levels than an application in the field.

To meet such requirements, we only supply industrialized high-end hardware with long battery capacity, encryption and interoperability like the OnestiProduct line.

With our partners, Safe4 supplies “In the field” IoT solutions controlled by our own Iotiliti platform or API’s to others over MQTT. We handle both Mobile and LoRa sensor connections.

For Safe4, our HomeGate AiO is the only reliable In-Home technology. Safeguarding your home and managing your locks can only be done from inside.

LoRa is normally used for Mass-Sensors- Data-Collection as basis for Big Data Analytics, AI and Machine Learning. Solutions for Smart Parking, Waste Management, Farming, Global GPS tracking of goods and triggering of Video Cameras.

Mobile IoT, like NB and LTE-M, is used where duplex exchange of IoT broadband data is needed for management and control of industrial processes. This may be municipality infrastructure, autonomous vehicles and processing to mention some. Smart City applications is normally a good mix of all IoT transmission technologies, but the core of a Smart City is always the home, where we have full control.

Through partners, we supply a countrywide Norwegian LoRaWAN network globally connected to the LoRa Alliance. For In-Home Delivery solutions we can offer global tracking of goods by The LoRa Low Orbit satellite network, tracking goods and enhancing logistics.

Building and property management requires far more sophisticated and advanced meshed and bridged solutions for delivering safe and reliable high-quality and long-distance data transmission in large buildings. Making proptech IoT meet ROI targets is only for the professionals.

We understand the diverse thinking of the players in PropTech as well as the desire to follow a building from the architects drawing board to the tenants’ occupation, and finally refurbishment and demolition – the building lifesycle.

Analyses and handles sensor and network status

Filters, stores and distributes all collected data

Full audit logging of all incidents

Communicates with a home using secure MQTT

Rule engine API and Groups and scenes API

High level APIs for different types of devices

Low level API for full control of each sensor

Present data to clients through well-documented APIs

Iotiliti in Large Buildings

In large buildings, automation, energy consumption and facility management services can be optimized by using sensors and actuators for monitoration, regulation and analysation.

The main issues for connectivity in large buildings are range, interoperability and proprietary solutions, protocols, systems and API’s (closed and protectionistic to create monopoly). Our MergeRF gateway is a long-range IoT infrastructure on open standards for use in such buildings.

Analytics Platform

The Analytics Platform collects live data from the IoT platform for analytics, predictions, and insights
transforming the data into usage patterns, optimal
usage, and historical data.

The platform gathers available data (user-actions and events) from connected devices, sending it to analysation. These real-time datas are then correlated with data from other external sources, like weather forecasts or future power tariffs. Such information can then be used to
manage electricity consumption or run power
consuming devices at times when tariffs are low.

The performed analysis can be used to provide insights to the end-user’s habits to highlight unnecessary cost by correlating with low- and high-priced periods. Insurance
and disaster recovery businesses are most likely users of such analytics to assess damage, and even intervene at an early stage to save users’ cost and inconvenience. Fraud
can be detected by comparing real-time sensor-data with historical data.

Check out our Iotiliti website and read more about our IoT platform.

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HomeGate AiO as a core of your IoT ecosystem.

With our IoT Gateway we ensure that virtually any 3rd party sensor technology can be qualified and offered to create a solution you need.

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Have questions? Want to see a demo? Or wonder how can our solutions work for you? We are here to answer all your questions.

Get in touch!

Have questions? Want to see a demo? Or wonder how can our solutions work for you? We are here to answer all your questions.