Smart Energy

Smart Energy

Safe4’s products and solutions enable energy companies to offer opportunities for energy optimization and Smart Solutions to their end-users.

We offer sustainable energy solutions. New technology enables the end-user to optimize energy consumption to help bring down power peaks in the utilities network for more affordable tariffs.

More stable energy consumption can be achieved by using new sensor technology combined with the features of HAN plugs, IoT platforms and analytics in line with PropTech management of heating, HVAC, automatic curtains, or e.g. such as walls coated with solar panels.

What you can do with our Smart Energy solutions

Connect a variety of devices and sensors that measure energy, electricity, water and CO2 levels.

Collect and transmit data from sensors through our Onesti gateways and MergeRF.

The gateway transmits to our IoT platform Iotiliti which can be combined with analytic tools.

Collect and store data according to your own specifications to optimize processes and cost.

Energy business

Today there is a focus on more eco-friendly energy sources. Electricity may be becoming a scarce resource and might become even more so as we continue to phase outfossil fuels.

Energy management is often defined as a small margin game. Monitoring daily the patterns of energy utilization, we can simplify consumers’ daily life and reduce the consumption.

To control energy consumption, we can program devices such as car battery chargers, boilers and heaters to start outside peak consumption/price hours, keeping the energy cost down to a minimum.

Grid Operators’ Challenges

The Grid and Utilities industry is facing massive changes due to new regulations, aging power grids, decentralized production, increasing power demands, grid investments, expensive operations and increasing maintenance costs. Finally, the upcoming hardline Governance for lowering and monitoring the CO2 footprint is also imposing a big change in the energy sector.

Safe4’s Solution

Our innovative IoT and analytics technology can stimulate the end-users to bring the overall energy consumption down and flatten their power peaks by obtaining energy at a lower cost at less energy intensive periods during the day.

Power Companies’ Challenges

Power companies are experiencing rapid market changes through increased competition among energy suppliers as well as growing Self-Generated energy production by the end-users.

Safe4’s Solution

We will be introducing a concept that addresses the consumer’s need to optimize Self-Generated Energy at cost and optimized consumption in context of the total property ecosystem. We work to innovate new products and services over time, as loyalty-building measures.

Grid Operators’ Challenges

End-users’ energy consumption is changing rapidly with their ability to invest in cost effective equipment for Consumer Self-Generated Power.

Low investment levels for sustainable technology are providing opportunities in technologies like solar panels, batteries and management applications. Consumers are fully equipped to produce their own electricity, charging their electric vehicle, powering their household and consumer devices. Cheaper battery backup for power storage generates the need for on-demand-based energy pricing.

Complex pricing plans and lack of data makes it challenging for End-users to negotiate energy back-offerings to the utility providers.

Safe4’s Solution

Safe4 is looking into new services. A control system that automatically optimizes consumption, production and storage of power is in our pipeline. Also, new sensors and analytics are being planned in order to help data collection for more reliable Self-Generated power production as well as mass sensor data collection for Proptech.

Our IoT platform plays an important role in solutions for energy industries.

In cooperation with leading partners, we have designed and developed a truly scalable IoT platform with global reach. From our core platform Iotiliti, we replicate a unique and safe setup for our customers such as Cloud solution or on-premises in a local Data Centre. Always with full encryption of data, physical security, API integration & data to your AI engine.

Unlock the power of data with our platform

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Smart Energy

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Have questions? Want to see a demo? Or wonder how can our solutions work for you? We are here to answer all your questions.

Get in touch!

Have questions? Want to see a demo? Or wonder how can our solutions work for you? We are here to answer all your questions.