Smart Delivery

Smart Delivery

We offer Smart In-Home Delivery solutions where goods and services can be delivered in a secure environment without the homeowner’s presence.

Together with a secure digital door lock, our advanced HomeGate AiO enables the retail industry to deliver goods safely into your home, pick up waste or assemble goods like furniture on site. No family member must be present during these services.

Safe4 plays a vital part in simplifying people’s daily life with the introduction of more cost efficient IoT solutions, improved operations and consumer behavior transforming to e-commerce.

Safe4’s EN certified Alarm Receiving Centre safeguards the entire home delivery process.

Smart Living services​

We safeguard and trace all In-Home Delivery services pertaining to food and groceries, house cleaning, gardening and handyman services to name a few. It is ideal for key-free public health services and unlimited access for emergency personnel. It just simplifies and safeguards the consumer’s daily life.


Logistics and transportation

The logistics and transport sector traditionally works with limited resources and small revenue margins. Our solutions enable new revenue streams as well as improved supply chain management. Through improved logistics your transport business contributes to lowering the carbon footprint.

What you can do with our Smart Delivery solutions

The consumer has full control knowing that the In-Home Delivery is done in a secure and monitored environment – even without being present.

Groceries delivered
at the doorstep

Today people require fresh and short travelled vegetables. With our solutions you can have groceries delivered inside the home before the homeowner returns from work, maintaining a safe and secure home environment.

Even the destination of delivery can be altered. Our service, Keyfree, allows the end-user to redirect goods through a smartphone App, guiding the delivery to the garage, car trunk or a different address.

Parcel Delivery

Our services also include postal deliveries over the threshold, even when no one is home. No more standing in line at the post office to pick up parcels.

The system generates a unique access code that is sent by SMS to the parcel delivery on the homeowners’ demand. Besides this, the Alarm Receiving Centre*, ensures a safe delivery while monitoring the entry.

*Requires subscription of Alarm Receiving Services.

Cleaning Services

Homeowners have no need for copying the door-key or even being at home to allow cleaners in. With a unique access code safely generated by our KeyFree access platform, the cleaners can get on with their business.

Families can also order delivery of washed and ironed shirts. The home owner receives an alert notifying that the service person has picked up the dirty shirts and that clean shirts have been delivered inside the home and in the place agreed upon.

We keep your home safe and free up time!

Handyman Services

Families can let the handyman in without being at home. All they have to do is to allocate a unique access code. The homeowner receives an alert when the handyman’s unique access code is in use. This gives the homeowner information about the handyman’s time of entry. The access code may, in addition, be time limited. Motion detection sensors can easily be mounted, defining a delivery or work zone within your apartment. Just tape to the wall and activate using your Smartphone App, fully in line with GDPR. 

When returning home from work, the plumbing is fixed and family members can get on with their daily life free of repairs, appointments and worries.

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Smart Delivery

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Have questions? Want to see a demo? Or wonder how can our solutions work for you? We are here to answer all your questions.

Get in touch!

Have questions? Want to see a demo? Or wonder how can our solutions work for you? We are here to answer all your questions.