Smart Insurance

Smart Insurance

The Insurance industry is going through a major transition where players will offer cheaper products by enabling loss-prevention. We provide loss prevention technology for end-users funded through damage limitation and reduced claims.

Our sophisticated and industrialized Smart Home solutions offer “peace of mind”. Installed and alert-ready in minutes, the solution works without any hassle, is backed by end-to-end security, and is managed from one single, user-friendly App.

What we offer

A “peace of mind” security solution that works without any hassle through a user-friendly App.

Safe4 has developed alarm services to help the insurance business to meet pricing, claims and cost reduction through digitized processes.

Through our IoT and Access Management Platform – Iotiliti insurance companies have full traceability and statistical data for asset assessment regarding claims. Remember to include GDPR requirements.

With our Peace of Mind solutions, damage to home and inventory, such as water leaks, humidity, pest control, icy doorsteps and powerless refrigerators or freezer during holidays, can be minimized. A refrigerator losing power during your weekend absence, thawed and refrozen without notice. Refrozen food may represent danger of food poisoning according to Mattilsynet (Norwegian Food and Safety Authority). With our RELAX Smart Plug you will receive an alert directly in your Smartphone App.

Home Alarm services is also an area where automated and anonymized high-tech services will be introduced meeting the demand for unmanned security surveillance in line with GDPR. Predictive analytics combined with automated picture recognition and processing are revolutionizing the insurance business reducing payouts on claims and make us feel safer.

The deployment of new more affordable Home Alarm Services with low entry cost and low monthly fees, has brought the number of home break-ins and theft down. Criminals are focusing on unsecured goods supplied to your home, often left at the doorstep.

Modern wireless IoT devices like sensors for detecting water or humidity can be mounted in a basement or under your dishwasher to transmit a signal if a certain level or amount of water is reached. When a leak is detected, data is transmitted to a gateway which again can distribute information to a remote Data Analytics processor in a datacenter. In Scandinavia water leakage alone amounts to more than EUR 2 Billion in insurance claims – 2019 Norway alone EUR 300mill (If).

The exponentially growing move from traditional shopping to web shopping opens a growing need for new secure In-Home Delivery services. Safe4 has developed new technology with API to almost any digital lock system, making your home safe. Full surveillance and control of your individual door as well as the main entrance door to condos, building blocks and perimeter gates. Full safeguard of digital keys, tokens and codes. Only the approved messenger, delivery service, maid or electrician is granted access to your home. If desired, you alone might have full motion detection at the delivery zone inside your home. Fully in line with family or tenant demands as well as GDPR.

Today’s challenges

The insurance industry’s challenge is large insurance claim payments combined with end-users’ pricing awareness and the demand for advanced digital solutions and efficient service.

The consumers’ focus on individual pricing and diverse Risk Assessment will force the industry to look for smarter and more cost-efficient solutions and ways to lower churn. Real time query and individually priced product packages demand new services to be developed.


The Deloitte study says that nearly 50% of customers feel the offering of non-insurance products is the most important factor when choosing their insurance company. 

In the insurance business, they predict that organic growth will not be enough. Growth will come from preventive and protective approaches with a new range of services and products.

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Smart Insurance

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Have questions? Want to see a demo? Or wonder how can our solutions work for you? We are here to answer all your questions.

Get in touch!

Have questions? Want to see a demo? Or wonder how can our solutions work for you? We are here to answer all your questions.