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We bring advanced technology and user experience closer together.

Safe4 focuses on innovation, but first and foremost, on giving end-users the freedom to choose. We expand the Safe4 Smart Living concept by partnering up with providers of smart living services to private households. On a home owner’s demand, our Alarm Receiving Centre can supervise the activities of service personnel when given access to a property.

Highly competent and passionate people

Total ownership of our technology

Proven technology – live contracts

Digitized, scalable and global reach

Offers recurring revenue driven services

To understand IoT you need to understand what lies behind the clouds. We know Telecom, HardWare, hardcoding, algorithms, radio transmission, sensor and device mechanics as well as all aspects of security, software, hardware, cloud, physical perimeter control, alarm handling, escalation plans and disaster recovery. In IoT we have been there, and we have gathered knowledge from all the possible mistakes you can think of in order to correct and improve our solutions.

IoT and Artificial

We lead the way with our disruptive, smart and innovative IoT platform for security and Smart Living. The heart of our business is our IoT platform. Our solutions contribute to intelligent real time insights, exploring the ability to collect and analyze Big Data to transform your business.

By recording everyday activity patterns, our intelligent solutions are able to suggest automation.

The end-user has access to be, and is the sole owner of, the household’s Big Data.

We offer IoT consulting services to ensure the best business solution for your company.

Safe4 is a neutral player and the safekeeper of this information.

Key components:

White-Label Offerings

You can add your company brand to an App, Services, Platform clone and Data storage.

Advanced Platform

Data Centre that provides encryption of data, data security, API integration and AI engine.

Services & Support

You can get services from EN-approved Alarm Receiving Centre and our Support Centre.

Onesti Products

We provide Gateways and big variety of whitelisted IoT products within Security and Smart Living, so no need to look elsewhere.

Strategically positioned

Well known industrial players have chosen Safe4 as their partner for delivery of their products or services through our eco-system and partner contracts.

Customer Module

Each company is unique, as is its business. This is why we focus on providing customized solutions for your company’s go-to market model.

Superior business models

Safe4 has developed attractive business models for our customers. We support customers who offer services directly, such as Home Alarm and in-home delivery.

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Have questions? Want to see a demo? Or wonder how can our solutions work for you? We are here to answer all your questions.

Get in touch!

Have questions? Want to see a demo? Or wonder how can our solutions work for you? We are here to answer all your questions.